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Issue #25

A handpicked list of the latest and most interesting digital jobs in Australia.

Digital Product Manager at Movember (Melbourne)

Product management of Movember’s Mental Health & Suicide Prevention digital health portfolio. Advertised just 2 hours ago.
#mid #senior

Head of Marketplace & Insights at Gorillas (Sydney)

European startup Gorillas, a company with an app that promises to deliver groceries to your door in under 10 minutes, is expanding into Australia. 10 minutes!? Sounds like a fair bit of pressure on riders. They are hiring the entire local leadership team right now, so I hope they find a balance between profit and the safety and security of their riders. They raised 290 million so it seems only fair (I'm not holding my breath). Open: Head of Expansion Australia, General Manager, Commercial Director
#senior #leadership

The Gorillas app

Content and Partner Engagement Specialist at Hnry (Sydney)

Work with local partners and communities of self-employed people to develop content for this digital accountancy/app specialising in freelancers and contractors. Also advertised just 2 hours ago so get in quick and make an impression if it interests you.

Digital Technology Manager at Tourism Australia (Sydney)

A senior Technical/Solution Architect role.

Marketing Manager at Shorty's Liquor (Sydney)

Strategic digital marketer to lead a multi-channel marketing team (digital and print) for this drinks retailer that focusses on the corporate market, weddings and events.

Digital Art Director at Kmart (Melbourne)

12 month contract for a senior art director to look after Kmart's digital channels.

Marketing Manager at Australian Brandenburg Orchestra (Sydney)

Manages the subscription season and single ticket marketing campaigns for the Brandenburg’s live and digital concerts.
#mid #senior

Project Manager at McDonald's (Sydney)

Fixed term role to deliver restaurant innovation projects across Aus.
#mid #senior

Entertainment Producer at Val Morgan (Sydney)

If reality TV, celebs and fashion is your thing, Popsugar need a digital content producer.

Social and Video Producer at Network 10 (Adelaide)

Produce content for 10 News First and 10 social accounts.

Associate Editor at ESPN (Melbourne)

Cricket obsessed digital reporter needed at ESPN's Cricinfo site.  
#mid #senior

Data Analytics Scientists at L'Oreal (Melbourne)

According to this JD, L'Oreal is undergoing an analytics transformation in Aus.
#entry #mid

iHeartRadio & Podcast Content Lead at Australian Radio Network (Sydney or Melbourne)

Develop and oversee launches of new shows and content.
#mid #senior

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