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Issue #38

Issue #38

A handpicked list of the latest, coolest and most interesting digital jobs in Australia.

Producer Digital Programming at Sydney Opera House (Sydney)

Work with the Head of Digital Programming to develop and identify programming opportunities for streams and recordings direct from the Opera House stages, along with new digital presentations. Also open: Associate Producer Digital Programming which is slightly more junior to this role.
This role closes at 11.59 PM tonight, so apply today if you are interested.

Digital Marketing Officer at Opera Australia (Sydney)

Wow, two roles for opera lovers in one day. Opera is booming!

Head, Digital Content and Experience at Citi (Sydney)

Nice leadership opportunity for someone with the right background looking to step up.

Digital Writer at RUSSH Magazine (Sydney)

An entry-level writing role for this fashion and arts magazine.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Burrito Bar (Brisbane)

Digital marketing for this Brisbane restaurant chain. I remember when there was a Mexican fast-food restaurant opening up in every corner of Brisbane (the surprising thing is I think most have survived!). This role is a mid but I think enthusiasm might go a long way, so I reckon apply if you are relatively new and can build a case for yourself.

Social Media Assistant at The Oodie (Adelaide)

Social for the wearable blanket people.

Digital Campaign Manager at Sports Entertainment Network (Melbourne)

Manage digital campaigns across SEN's sporting websites and other platforms.

Head of Design at OVO Energy (Melbourne)

Lead design at this energy company that wants to 'bring more innovation and a seamless digital experience to the Australian energy market'. I think that's in the mission statement for every energy company in Australia. Nevertheless, could be a chance to leave your mark on a relatively fresh player.

Technical Product Manager - Data Platform at REA Group (Melbourne)

Lead Realestate's data platform squad.

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