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Issue #53

Issue #53
Manage 'recom' and operations for AirRobe.

A handpicked list of the latest, coolest and most interesting digital jobs in Australia.

Content and Social Media Coordinator at Taronga Conservation Society Australia (Sydney)

Bring the stories of Taronga’s people, animals and critical conservation work to life while managing their online communities.

Digital Engagement Specialist at Thorne Harbour Health (Melbourne)

Online health promotion for Victoria’s largest provider of LGBTI health services.

E-commerce and Operations Manager at AirRobe (Brisbane)

This company is a preloved fashion marketplace. Re-commerce. Check it out here.

Partnerships Manager – South East Asia/India at Activision Blizzard (Sydney)

Passionate about gaming, the Asia Pacific region and have a proven track record in identifying and growing new businesses... and spent 827 hours playing WoW. Here you go.
#mid #senior

And in today's They still haven't filled the role:

Digital Marketing Manager at Red Rooster (Sydney)

Look I know RR isn't as glamorous as Nandos with their fancy knives and forks or as spicy as KFC, but come on people it's an Australian icon. Get on this opportunity and make it your own, especially if you have any QSR experience (even microwaving a Rooster Roll counts, I reckon). It's well over a month since the original ad went out and they have readvertised the role again this morning.

The least impressed rooster on the planet stock. Photo by Elizabeth Melton / Unsplash

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