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Issue #87

Issue #87
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A handpicked list of the latest and most interesting digital jobs in Australia.

Head of Growth at Spaceship (Sydney)

Lead growth strategy at this fintech player in the investment and superannuation space. I personally use them and like their product.  

Customer Support Specialist at Bannerbear (Remote)

I've been following Jon's journey to startup success on Twitter for years. Now he's hiring his first full-time position at Bannerbear (an API for automated image and video generation). This role will help answer customer inquiries and build out the knowledge base for Bannerbear. Fully remote company and role.

Senior Product Manager at Milkrun (Sydney)
Community Manager at Milkrun (Sydney)
Customer Experience Specialist at Milkrun (Sydney)

One of those 10-minute grocery delivery startups that I featured a few months back is hiring a bunch of roles as they look to expand beyond inner Sydney.

Senior Hard Surface Artist (Star Wars Team) at EA (Sydney)

I'm sure many of you will have a passion for the Star Wars universe (requirement 1) but do you also have 7 years of experience creating art for games or films (requirement 2)?

We're picturing someone who loves modeling everything hard surface (vehicles, guns, props, etc.) and cares deeply about functionality, with in-depth knowledge and passion for how mechanical things work.

Global VP, Design at Finder (Sydney)

Lead the design vision and strategy at Finder. Also open: Content Strategist.

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